Ideas to take action against global warming.

To combat global warming, major nations are holding summits, signing agreements and investing millions of euros.

But each, on its own scale, can contribute to trying to preserve our planet, namely by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for global warming with alarming consequen

What is the butterfly effect?

The butterfly effect is often used as a metaphor for everyday life or for history. But do you know where this expression „butterfly effect” comes from? In fact, it is a true scientific theory.On the other hand, the butterfly effect is not inevitable and Jacques Laskar’s work shows that the Earth’s o

Prove the Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry, Is Totally fake.

The most reasonable thing, however, is that it’s easy to conclude that this old knife may belong to someone older than Tyler Henry,  Then he said that this person wanted to die at home, which was a very common request. Her flowers indicate that Henry must be referring to his father, who died …